Wing-R EC & Wing-G EC

Design air curtain for vertical installation

WING-R EC with a curved design and WING-G EC with a straight design are particularly suitable for curved sliding doors, automatic linear sliding doors as well as for retrofitting to revolving doors. The timeless design and user-friendly technology will satisfy architects, planners, clients and operators in equal measure. WING-R EC and WING-G EC are the ideal solution wherever a door air curtain cannot be installed horizontally due to the particular characteristics of the building, or if vertical installation is preferred for aesthetic reasons. Also ideal for retrofitting.

The height of the unit should be selected individually, depending on the height of the entrance or door. As the Jetflow discharge nozzle runs along the entire length of the unit, the heated air is also blown directly over the floor, where the potential for cold air to enter is the greatest. The patented and multi-adjustable (without tools) Jetflow discharge nozzle – with its adaptive, asymmetrical nozzle cross-section – is characterised by a smooth air stream and a large throw distance.

Self-supporting steel/aluminium composite construction with a curved or straight design. Screws are not visible. Available with powder coating in a selection of RAL colours, or as a stainless steel version. Aluminium Jetflow discharge nozzle, powder coated to match the unit. Attractive intake grille with micro grille behind it (used as an intake filter) for filterless operation.

Heat exchangers for different heating media
LPHW: For normal temperature LPHW 70/50 °C and lowtemperature LPHW 60/40 °C, other temperatures available on request.
High-quality heat exchanger made from copper tubes, with pressed-on, extra-strong aluminium fins.
ELECTRO: 3-stage heat exchanger 400 V, spiral form, corrosion resistant, with thermal overheating protection and switch-off delay.

The efficiency of the EC fans used by TEKADOOR is > 90% under partial load operation. This is 30–35% higher than for conventional AC fans. This does not just increase the efficiency, but also reduces the operating costs. The individually-driven EC fans with integrated motor protection can intake air in both directions. They have vibration-free bearings and are controlled using a PWM signal (pulse width modulation).
They do not just comply with Directive ErP, but actually exceed this standard.

Trouble-free mounting directly on the finished flooring, via holes in the floor plate (not visible once installation complete). The floor plate has appropriate recesses for invisible energy supply from below. Optional: Power supply is also possible from above.

Easy to clean (micro grille) without opening the unit by simply vacuuming the intake grille. Discreet inspection panel for maintenance work, hinged on one side – easy to access from the room side.

Electronic TEKADOOR GTC EC control unit, multifunctional with touch display, including an optional ModBus interface
A GTC 1 EC control unit is used as standard for models with LPHW heating. A GTC E EC control unit is used for models with electrical heating. The units come with 20 m preassembled and shielded data cable. The GTC 1 EC 5-stage control unit includes the ability to switch from manual to automatic and from summer mode to winter mode as standard. A solenoid valve of up to 2.5 A can be connected as an option for the winter mode. With the standard GTC E EC control unit, the airflow can be selected manually in 5 stages and the heating capacity – depending on the fan level – can be selected manually in 3 stages. Each control unit includes a manual to automatic mode switch and a potential-free contact for enabling via any on-site BMS or BEMS. A choice of 5-stage or stepless fan operation is offered as standard.
A maximum of 10 units can be connected in parallel.

  • Made in Germany
  • ErP conform / EC fans
  • Patented, multi-adjustable Jetflow discharge nozzle with adaptive, asymmetrical nozzle cross-section (large throw distance, low noise, optimum shielding)
  • Certified by TÜV-Süd
  • Self-supporting steel/aluminium composite construction.
  • Screws are not visible.
  • Invisible energy supply
  • Simple to install
  • Individual RAL colours available or as stainless steel version
  • Different heating media possible
  • Individual unit lengths up to 3000 mm