Industrial door air curtain

The TIC series TEKADOOR door air curtain is suitable for shielding larger doors in the industrial, warehousing and logistics sectors. This not only ensures draught-free transport of goods through entry and exit doors for the people working there, but also ideally utilises the area around the door.

Installation-ready industrial door air curtains either as heated or recirculated air curtains (without heat exchanger), in suspended or floor mounted versions. Both variants can be installed in series. Depending on the door width, the floor mounted vertical unit can be installed next to the door, either on one side or both sides. The appropriate TIC modules can be installed on top of each other, depending on the door height. For the suspended variant, multiple modules can be installed next to each other, depending on the door width. In the higher specification variant, the air exitsTIC 6000 & TIC 7000 via the Coanvara discharge nozzle – a multi-nozzle system with optimised, drop-shaped profiles. Using the Coanda effect to bring the individual streams together results in a very broad, homogenous airstream. The purposely long profiles, which are parallel and steplessly adjustable in both directions (up to 40°), act as a flow straightener. This ensures the stream mixing factor remains low, as desired. The selected discharge temperature is carried far down to the floor, effectively preventing the room from cooling down. This means the discharged air is heated less than with air curtains using a conventional discharge system. For the basic TIC-S design, the air is discharged via a conical discharge box – located centrally – without a discharge grill. For the TIC 3000, the air is discharged through a fully adjustable system of fins.

Industrial air curtain unit manufactured with a robust, selfsupporting, powder coated sheet steel housing. Available in the colour RAL 7032 (pebble grey) as standard, or powder coated in standard RAL tones depending on the wishes of the client. In contrast, the housings of the TIC 3000, TIC-S 6000 und TIC 7000 are manufactured from galvanised sheet steel. For the floor mounted vertical unit, the floor console and connecting pieces for series installation are included as standard. For the suspended version, fixation/suspension is performed using M10 rivet nuts.

Heat exchangers for different heating media
LPHW: For normal temperature LPHW 70/50 °C or low-temperature LPHW 60/40 °C, other temperatures available on request. Recirculating air operation without heating is possible (without heating media).
TIC 3000 E: 3-stage heat exchanger, spiral-form, corrosion resistant, with thermal overheating protection.

Axial fans with three-phase motor, IP 54 degree of protection, motor protection via thermal contacts, including protection guard. These fans comply with the EU Directive ErP regarding minimum efficiency requirements for fans within the EU.

Easy installation thanks rivet buts (M10) on top of the unit.

In the TIC series, a filter is not necessary thanks to the purposefully large distance between the fins on the electric heater. This enables easy cleaning of the units.

TIC 7000 / TIC 6000 / TIC-S 6000 / TIC 3000
5 stage HATI speed controller. 400 V / 50 Hz according to VDE 0550 in the housing, with step switch, fault and operation lights, restart interlock for full motor protection, manual to automatic switching and contactor for external signal encoder (e.g. door contact).

TIC 3000
Electronic TEKADOOR GTC EC control unit, multifunctional with touch display, including an optional ModBus interface

A GTC 1 EC control unit is used as standard for models with LPHW heating. A GTC E EC control unit is used for models with electrical heating. The control board is preassembled in the air curtain and 20m of preassembled data cable (connection between the door air curtain and control unit) are included.

  • Made in Germany
  • ErP conform
  • Robust, self-supporting sheet steel housing
  • Large throw distance, optimum shielding
  • Simple to install
  • Optional available with EC fans
  • Optional available with electrical heat exchanger (230V fans)