Air curtains for industrial doors

Especially in the door area of the loading and unloading zone in industrial halls, an exchange of air masses with different densities takes place: The lighter warm air penetrates to the outside in the upper area. Cold air penetrates inwards in the lower area.

As a result, the previously heated room air is lost. With these energy losses, the heating energy costs increase.

With its TIC models, Tekadoor offers the ideal solution for thermal separation of both air masses:

TIC Industrial Door Air Curtain

  • Prevention of thermal air exchange at the door
  • Air outlet technology: Coanvara Flow multiple nozzle system (multiple blades / conical air outlet box)
  • Axial fans with three-phase motor (optional EC motors for 3000 series)
  • Particularly wide and homogeneous air jet
  • Multi-stage speed controller Stepless fan operation with EC motors
  • Reduction of dust, odours or gas ingress
  • Ready for installation: quick and easy assembly
  • Robust self-supporting sheet steel housing
  • Hanging or standing version available (on one or both sides next to the door)
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Energy and cost efficient

Bundled air jet due to Coanda effect

The TIC air curtains can be mounted up to a discharge height of 6 m in the suspended version. At a blow-out height of up to 6 m, the air curtain thus reaches a temperature of approx. 18° C in the floor area. The special feature of the TIC air curtain with the Coanvara air outlet system is that, thanks to the Coanda effect, it generates an over-wide and homogeneous air jet from several individual jets. This creates a uniform air curtain that reaches the floor area at room temperature. In sensitive areas where the room temperature plays a major role, such as food processing plants, the TIC model with its blow-out system offers the optimal solution for doors in industrial and commercial halls.

Halls with large gates:
All TIC units can be mounted side by side in a row above the door without any problems, and they can also be placed one above the other. The control takes place via a parallel connection.

Possible applications

  • Sensitive areas where clean air is required: food plants, food production, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry Reduction of dust, odour or gas ingress
  • Cold stores or food warehouses
  • Warehouses and logistics: employees are protected from cold draughts
  • Large industrial doors with heavy goods traffic
  • Sectional doors: Halls in production buildings with different rooms and room temperatures


Our quality standard

Axial fans with three-phase motor, as well as our 230V AC and EC motors of the TIC 3000 series comply with the minimum efficiency specification of fans within the EU. Tekadoor products are manufactured according to ISO 9001, are CE compliant and “Made in Germany”. We only use fans from ebm-papst.

Decision support

When selecting the appropriate door air curtain, a number of factors and various planning requirements must be taken into account. These include, for example, the specific area of application, the door dimensions and the existing heating medium. In addition to our ready-made solutions, we also offer customised units. In addition to the standard length of the TIC units, we can also realise individual lengths. Of course, these offer the same functionality and energy efficiency.

For your enquiry, please use our design form or our new call-back service. We will be happy to support you in choosing the right unit and respond to your wishes.