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How air curtains in sports and leisure facilities help to reduce heating energy costs

For many years, the federal states have been debating climate protection and C02 emissions in sports facilities with the sports clubs. Across the country, there are now numerous projects and initiatives that are increasingly determining the social discussion in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. The main focus is on the construction and renovation of […]

Finally less draught and heat loss in the DIY store

How to ensure less draught and heat loss with an air curtain system in the entrance area Operators of DIY and home improvement stores are familiar with this: open entrances to the DIY store or garden centre cause unpleasant draughts due to air mass movements of cold air entering and warm air leaving. This is […]

So that your hotel guests feel comfortable

Use Tekadoor’s device solution for the hotel, hotel lobby or supplier entrance. “It’s cold here – there’s a draught” could be the reaction of your potential hotel guests in the entrance area when cold air on the floor enters through the open entrance door. According to physical laws, heated air rises and the heavier, cold […]

Air curtains for industrial doors

Especially in the door area of the loading and unloading zone in industrial halls, an exchange of air masses with different densities takes place: The lighter warm air penetrates to the outside in the upper area. Cold air penetrates inwards in the lower area. As a result, the previously heated room air is lost. With […]


TEKADOOR’S NEW TOUCH-SCREEN CONTROL WITH INTUITIVE OPERATION COMBINE DIFFERENT AUTOMATION OPERATIONS TO CONTROL YOUR ENERGY COSTS AND HAVE A SIGNIFICANT POSITIVE IMPACT ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY For many years, the effectiveness of air curtain systems was measured by their screening performance, but nowadays this performance must also meet energy-related normative requirements that aim to increase energy […]


SHAPELY DOOR AIR CURTAIN IN AN APPEALING OVAL DESIGN FOR SCREENING LARGER ENTRANCE AREAS OVAL EC CONVINCES NOT ONLY ARCHITECTS AND PLANNERS, BUT ALSO BUILDING OWNERS AND OPERATORS.   The increasingly popular large entrance portals with sometimes high mounting heights require all the more optimally designed door air curtain systems, which, however, should not impair […]


THE EXTRA QUIET DOOR AIR CURTAINS FROM TEKADOOR WHEREVER LOW NOISE DEVELOPMENT IS REQUIRED.   For decades, the trend towards ever smaller, more inconspicuous devices has been decisive in the field of air curtains. At the same time, entrance areas in modern architecture increasingly became entrance portals – mounting heights or air outlet heights of […]