Finally less draught and heat loss in the DIY store

How to ensure less draught and heat loss with an air curtain system in the entrance area

Operators of DIY and home improvement stores are familiar with this: open entrances to the DIY store or garden centre cause unpleasant draughts due to air mass movements of cold air entering and warm air leaving. This is sometimes favoured by electric sliding doors in continuous operation or open entrances where the doors remain open.

Draughts also form in open roller shutter doors in the delivery area, where the previously expensively heated room air is quickly lost.

With Tekadoor’s air curtain devices, it is possible to retain a large part of the warm air in the room and to screen off the cold air. The result: draughts are difficult to create – a positive effect that benefits visitors, employees and suppliers.

“We are happy when we can contribute to the customer’s business success with our air curtains!”, Shkelqim Axhimusa, Sales & Marketing, Tekadoor.

Air curtains for gates of large DIY stores

Since 1981, Tekadoor has been offering technical solutions to maintain the air or room temperature at a comfortable level in the entrance areas, checkout zones and loading and unloading zones of a DIY store.

The following devices are mainly used here:

  • Secon air curtain as ceiling-mounted solution
  • Colum EC air curtain as a stand-alone solution next to customer entrances
  • TIC – Industrial door air curtain
  • Individual unit solution: customised manufacture and installation of the air curtain

Common areas of application:

  • Gate areas where goods are delivered
  • Entrance areas with automatic sliding doors
  • Entrance area garden centre
  • Access to the DIY store and from the outdoor area into the main building

Success story: DIY and home improvement stores

To sustainably reduce energy costs and to improve the buying experience of DIY store customers, many DIY store operators see Tekadoor products as the ideal solution.

Customers’ requirements for the door air curtain are similar in both design and installation. The device should not only fit in perfectly with the design of the door entrance in terms of colour, but also in terms of the way it is installed.

Tekadoor has already supplied many DIY stores throughout Europe with air curtains. Now the room temperature can be maintained when loading and unloading in the door area. If necessary, the door can also remain open permanently because the air curtain acts like an invisible door. The warm air remains in the building, the cold air is screened off and stays outside.

Customers, suppliers, employees as well as forklift drivers or salespeople can enter or leave the building without costly heat loss.

Tip: Our units are not only intended for the hotel entrance area – they are also suitable for use at other door and gate situations where the air mass exchange described above is to be avoided (examples: Transitions to the neighbouring building, supplier entrance, personnel entrance, loading ramp and goods delivery).

Advice from Tekadoor

Do you have a question? Tekadoor will be happy to advise you on planning to equip the customer entrance or the gate area of your DIY store with a suitable air curtain. With our many years of experience, we can also support you during a joint on-site appointment for your specific building project. In doing so, we pay attention to the local conditions and your special wishes with regard to design, installation and functionality, so that the best possible system solution is please found.

Do not hesitate to contact us. You also have the option of using our call-back service or this design form.

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