So that your hotel guests feel comfortable

Use Tekadoor’s device solution for the hotel, hotel lobby or supplier entrance.

“It’s cold here – there’s a draught” could be the reaction of your potential hotel guests in the entrance area when cold air on the floor enters through the open entrance door.

According to physical laws, heated air rises and the heavier, cold air remains at the bottom.  For entrance areas, this means that when a door is opened, the expensive, warm room air escapes in the upper door area and cold outside air flows into the building in the lower area. This natural thermal effect creates draughts in the entrance area, which hotel guests and staff find extremely unpleasant.

COLUM EC – How it works

Tekadoor offers an energy-efficient solution for this physical process.

The Colum EC and Silencio EC air curtain system can be used to provide a comfortable indoor climate in the entrance area. Due to the even air distribution, the cold outside air is screened off and an annoying ‘cold lake’ on the floor is avoided. In summer, it is also possible to use this series of units with pure recirculated air (without heating). This prevents warm outside air from flowing into the air-conditioned building. Our units can be installed as standing or suspended versions.

Different versions

  • Available as a standing solution or suspended as ceiling mounting
  • Made to measure possible/ RAL colours to match the customer’s corporate ID) / stainless steel version
  • Ideal for entrances with open or automatic doors (sliding doors)
  • Heat exchangers for different heating media
  • EC fans
  • Low operating noise
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Improves the energy balance

Successful deployment in the hotel sector

Tekadoor is a supplier to the Motel One hotel chain, among others, where the Colum EC and Silencio EC models are preferably used. The customer’s requirements were as follows:

  • Energy-efficient unit for the entrance area with optimum shielding performance
  • Design unit matching the interior
  • Easy operation and control of the unit
  • Made to measure: individual unit lengths depending on the respective door area
  • Low operating noise
  • Delivery and installation by the specialist tradesman
  • Maintenance service by the specialist tradesman

The Colum EC series, which hoteliers can use both in winter and in the hot summer months, turned out to be the perfect solution for the Motel One concept. The hotel management rates the improved indoor climate provided by the Tekadoor Colum EC or Silencio EC units as extremely positive, benefiting especially the hotel guests and staff in the lobby.

Tip: Our units are not only intended for the hotel entrance area – they are also suitable for use at other door and gate situations where the air mass exchange described above is to be avoided (examples: Transitions to the neighbouring building, supplier entrance, personnel entrance, loading ramp and goods delivery).

Advice from Tekadoor

Tekadoor will be happy to advise you on planning to equip your hotel with a suitable air curtain. With our many years of experience, we can also support you during a joint on-site appointment for your specific building project. In doing so, we pay attention to the local conditions and your special wishes regarding design, installation and functionality, so that the best possible system solution can be please found.

Do not hesitate to contact us. You also have the option of using our call-back service or this design form.

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