How air curtains in sports and leisure facilities help to reduce heating energy costs

For many years, the federal states have been debating climate protection and C02 emissions in sports facilities with the sports clubs. Across the country, there are now numerous projects and initiatives that are increasingly determining the social discussion in terms of sustainability and environmental protection. The main focus is on the construction and renovation of sports facilities. How can operators and sports clubs contribute to climate protection?

Sport not only connects us humans, but is increasingly associated with sustainability. Optimal energy utilisation, less CO2 emissions and energy cost reduction are among the high demands of sports facility operators nationwide.

Energy losses in the building

Popular, top-level and competitive sports please find both outdoors and predominantly in sports halls or even stadiums with roofs, which also bring fans and athletes together for major sporting events.

Highly frequented areas are above all the entrances and exits in the building. This applies to almost all types of sports facilities, such as swimming pools, fitness centres, climbing halls or trampoline halls, but also to certain areas of a stadium, such as fan shops and transitions from the VIP lounge to the outer stands.

Energetically sensitive areas are all rooms in sports facilities as well as door and gate areas with through traffic:

  • Entrance door of a sports hall
  • Entrance gates
  • Offices of sports clubs
  • Access to the VIP lounge of stadiums
  • Entrance to the catering area of a stadium
  • Gate to goods delivery
  • Transition areas between main and auxiliary buildings
  • Passage halls and corridors

Wherever there are closed building envelopes and an external door or a transition to a lower temperature zone, the use of a door air curtain system is recommended.
However, a prerequisite for proper operation is always a balanced pressure ratio.

The greatest energy losses generally occur at the exterior doors. In the areas where people enter or leave a room with permanently open doors or gates, the air previously heated in the room escapes when cold air enters. This means that heating energy is lost; staff, athletes and visitors to the sports facility find the resulting draught unpleasant. At the same time, heating energy must be generated again to reheat the air in order to maintain the room temperature at the same level. The necessary increase in energy consumption is accompanied by higher C02 emissions.

More and more new sports facilities are being built, which are confronted with such but also new energy challenges.

Due to their social responsibility for climate and environmental protection, clubs and sports facility operators are also required to take aspects of sustainability into account in renovation projects and to achieve greater energy and resource efficiency.

TEKADOOR’s door air curtain systems support the sustainability concept of sports facility operators.

Save energy and costs with door air curtains

The Tekadoor door air curtains (see Fig. 2 below) function like an air curtain. By (free-) hanging the door air curtain above the entrance door, a stable air roll is created which screens the incoming cold outside air. This is an installation where doors or gates in the entrance and exit areas can remain open. The door air curtain shields the cold air so that the warm air remains in the room.

The door air curtain is thus used as part of a comprehensive energy-saving concept for the building – as a modern structural measure to make entrance areas more open and attractive and to save energy at the same time.


Fig. 2. The DUAL EC energy-saving model

Here are the advantages at a glance:

  • Optimum energy efficiency
  • ErP compliant (Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC)
  •  Supports the reduction of CO2 consumption
  • Technology: Use of energy-saving fans and motors
  • Cost-efficiency reflected positively in the energy balance sheet
  • Reduction of heating energy consumption
  •  Low noise emission
  • TÜV South certified
  • Available as a floor-standing or ceiling-mounted solution
  • Pleasant ambient temperature for visitors, sportspeople and staff
  • Design can be adapted to structural conditions (installation variant, size & shape, RAL colours)
  • Easy operation by staff
  • Use as invisible door, open entrances attract visitors


Fig. 3. Our units are officially energy efficient and TÜV Süd certified.

Tekadoor has successfully supplied the following sports centres and stadiums with air curtain products in the past.

  • Jump House Cologne
  • Jump House Hamburg
  • Clever Fit Weinheim
  • Rhein-Energie Stadium Cologne
  • BayArena Leverkusen
  • Borussia Park Mönchengladbach
  • Alte Försterei-Union Stadium Berlin
  • And many more…….

To what extent is the modernisation of the sports facilities necessary?

Climate protection and sustainability are important and Tekadoor also contributes to this with its air curtain products. The topic of modernisation and the desire for sustainable sports facilities is on everyone’s lips. Many projects in Germany have already been initiated, are in the planning stage or have already been implemented. The conversion of sports facilities goes hand in hand with a rethink in favour of health and the environment.

“The greater individualisation in society, the emphasis on the health aspect as well as the effects of demographic change also require a structural reorganisation of sports facilities,” says Bärbel Dittrich, Vice-President of Popular Sports/Sports Facilities of the North Rhine-Westphalia Sports Federation 2010 (From: The sports facility situation from the clubs’ point of view).


Funding programme of the State of NRW

In order to contribute to climate protection and to support municipalities in climate protection initiatives, the funding programme “Modern Sports Facility 2022” was launched to promote the modernisation and renovation of sports facilities. (See also the information provided by the Landessportbund NRW).

The construction of sports facilities for competitive sport is a special focus of the Federal Government’s sports promotion programme. This programme is being put into practice by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for Building and the Home Affairs (BMI) together with sports organisations, the Länder and the municipalities. The current status can be seen here:

“Modern Sports Facility 2022: How the new funding programme works”.

The focus is also on maintaining and promoting the quality of elite sport in this country and its exercise areas and sports facility infrastructure. Above all, operators of sports centres and sports clubs are to benefit from this.

Do you have another question?

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For many years, the effectiveness of air curtain systems was measured by their screening performance, but nowadays this performance must also meet energy-related normative requirements that aim to increase energy efficiency. TEKADOOR is therefore continuously developing the components of its air curtain systems. The air curtains have been equipped with ebm-papst fans for years, and their energy-saving effectiveness is complemented by the advanced GTC control system. State-of-the-art technology with a wide range of operating and application options is thus combined in the best possible way with comfort for the user and operator.


TEKADOOR combines the new control options of GTC with a 5″ touch-screen display, which is almost self-explanatory to operate due to its intuitive menu guidance and easy to set for a wide range of applications. A distinction is made between the standard control GTC 1 and the comfort control GTC 2, as well as the GTC E control for door air curtain systems with electric heating coil.
All controls have, among other things, a unique feature: the operator can choose between a 5-step or stepless speed control for all units with EC fans and thus fine-tune them even more precisely!
By touching the respective function surfaces/symbols, individual operating modes can be adjusted to suit the operator. The colour display clearly shows the respective operating modes and symbol displays. The date, time and room temperature are displayed as standard.
The room temperature is recorded as standard via an internal temperature sensor in the control panel.

The GTC 1 control includes a summer/winter circuit, frost protection circuit with optional frost protection, an adjustable maintenance interval (cleaning of the intake grille or filter) and an input for an additional temperature sensor.

With our comfort control GTC 2, 12 different switching times per week can be stored in a timer mode.
It is also possible to operate the door air curtain system via a constant discharge temperature (an additional electronic control valve is required for this).


Depending on requirements and on-site conditions, the user can choose between different operating modes:

– Manual – manual operation
– Auto AS – automatic operation via cool-down protection
– Auto RT – automatic operation via room temperature
– Auto TK – automatic operation via door contact
– Auto Kombi – combination option of all individual automatic modes

Likewise, up to 10 door air curtains can be operated in parallel via 1 operating unit in the master / slave principle by different coding of the control boards.
The control board is built into the air curtain unit and a 20m pre-assembled data cable (connection between air curtain and control panel) is included in the scope of delivery.

By combining the various automatic operations as required, the operator can directly ‘control’ his energy costs and have a significant positive influence on energy efficiency.
Integration into existing on-site control systems
As standard, all our controls have a potential-free enabling contact for the on-site BMS / DDC and potential-free operating and fault signalling contacts.
For complete integration into an on-site building management system, our controls can be easily expanded with corresponding modules.
DDC boards and modules for a Modbus connection are available as optional accessories.


  •  Made in Germany
  • Touch display
  • 5-step or stepless (stepless only with EC motors)
  • clearly arranged due to colour symbols
  • Summer/winter switching
  • Adjustable maintenance interval
  • Various operating modes
  • incl. temperature sensor in the control panel
  • incl. 20m data cable

Our experienced staff will be happy to answer your questions about the GTC touchscreen control.





The increasingly popular large entrance portals with sometimes high mounting heights require all the more optimally designed door air curtain systems, which, however, should not impair the spaciousness of the entrance area.

With the Oval EC series, TEKADOOR offers an air curtain that meets the requirements of design, functionality and unobtrusiveness.


Oval EC is available in variable unit lengths up to 2.5 m and can thus be easily retrofitted and individually adapted to existing door systems. Despite its high air performance, Oval EC is characterised by a low sound pressure level compared to other conventional units. Casing panels and fan housing are sound-absorbing insulated.

For larger entrance widths, it is possible to arrange several units in a row. In this case, the individual units are connected at the top and have only a single central fixing point instead of 4. Only the two left and right outdoor units are fixed with 2 threaded rods each. A concealed power supply with internal cabling and piping can be provided via the optional suspension cladding.

TEKADOOR uses individually driven radial fans with EC motors for this air curtain. The efficiency of the EC motors is approx. 85%, i.e. 20% higher than that of conventional motors, which not only increases efficiency but also significantly reduces operating costs.

Oval EC is supplied with the GTM 2 EC electronic control as standard. The GTM 2 EC control system includes an external operating unit, a control board built into the air curtain unit and a 20 m pre-assembled data cable (connection between the air curtain unit and the operating unit) for easy plug & play installation.

The menu-guided control is in 2 languages (German/English) and has a 2.4″ colour display. Operation or navigation is via a central multifunctional wheel. Depending on the application and requirements, the operator can choose from several operating modes. In automatic mode alone, the GTM 2 EC control has 3 different submenus with timer operation.

The various operating states and fault messages are displayed in plain text and with symbols on the 2.4″ colour display. The date and time are displayed in real time as standard.


The new design air curtain Oval EC is manufactured exclusively for visible operation. The free-hanging Oval EC air curtain is ideal for modern and architecturally sophisticated entrance areas.

Oval EC can be easily strung together to give the visual impression of a single continuous unit in wider entrance and exit areas. The screening function is maintained throughout.

With the optionally available attractive suspension panels for concealing the energy supply, Oval EC not only convinces architects and planners, but also building owners and operators.


To minimise the maintenance factor, the Oval EC is also equipped with a service-friendly micro-intake grille with filter function. The unit does not have to be opened to clean this ‘filter element’. A simple vacuuming or wiping from the outside is sufficient – without the need for service personnel. And, of course, without follow-up costs due to constant periodic renewal of any filter mats.


  • Made in Germany
  • ErP compliant with EC fans
  • Low noise level
  • Robust self-supporting sheet steel housing
  • Individual colour or stainless steel version selectable
  • Individual unit lengths up to 2500 mm
  • Service-friendly due to filterless micro-intake grille
  • Simple assembly or mounting in rows
  • Adjustable air outlet louvre
  • Different PWW heating media possible


Contact TEKADOOR. Our experienced staff will please find a suitable solution for every application.





For decades, the trend towards ever smaller, more inconspicuous devices has been decisive in the field of air curtains. At the same time, entrance areas in modern architecture increasingly became entrance portals – mounting heights or air outlet heights of air curtains are sometimes 3.5m and above. This not only leads to an increase in energy consumption, but is also detrimental to comfort. Increasing air outlet heights also require higher unit outputs, which in turn are synonymous with an increase in the noise level of air curtains.

In line with architectural requirements, the units became more and more powerful – and thus more noisy – while their dimensions became smaller and smaller. This trend now had to be counteracted.


TEKADOOR sets a new, technically up-to-date standard with the development of the “SILENCIO” series. Compared to standard units of the same design, these series are up to 10 dB(A) quieter with the same shielding performance and thus the same air volume. With maximum sound pressure levels of 51 dB(A) (“SILENCIO”) and 52 dB(A) (“COLUM SILENCIO”), these units create pleasant comfort wherever people work in acoustically and climatically sensitive areas. These sound reductions are based on low-speed EC fans, a modified heat exchanger, aerodynamically optimised air outlet blades and various sound-absorbing insulations inside the air curtain.


Door air curtains of the “SILENCIO” series are excellently suited for the retail sector and are offered as freely suspended display units or as cassette units for flush ceiling installation.

The upright design version of the “COLUM SILENCIO” unit group can be found wherever a particularly low noise level is required as well as an elegant appearance that integrates as well as possible into the existing architecture.

These are cylindrical air curtain units in a particularly pleasing column form.  Since the connections of this series are usually “invisible” through the floor or through the footprint of the units, integration is particularly possible in the modern, architecturally particularly sophisticated all-glass portals.

But it is not only the external values that are decisive for air curtain units. For the user, it is not only the appearance and comfort that count, but also the running costs. These are naturally defined by maintenance and consumption costs.


To minimise the maintenance factor, these series are also equipped with a service-friendly micro-intake grille that takes over the filter function. The unit does not have to be opened to clean this ‘filter element’. A simple vacuuming or wiping from the outside is sufficient – without the need for service personnel. And, of course, without follow-up costs due to constant periodic renewal of any filter mats.


To optimise consumption costs, all air curtain units of the “SILENCIO” series are equipped with a programmable electronic 5-step control as standard. Consisting of a control panel with graphic colour display and a control board built into the door air curtain unit. Operation is via a multi-function wheel. The operator can choose from several operating modes depending on the application. For example, automatic operation with door contact control and cool-down protection via room thermostat. The various operating states, fault messages as well as date and time are shown in plain text and with symbols in the display.  This means that the system is also easy to operate for the end user.
Of course, our Silencio air curtain units as well as all other TEKADOOR unit series – not only these particularly sound-insulated series – comply with the current technical specifications and regulations of ErP and are also certified by the German TÜV-Süd.


  • Made in Germany
  • ErP 2015 ready / EC fans
  • Particularly quiet
  • Robust self-supporting sheet steel housing
  • Individual colour selectable (RAL 9016 as standard)
  • Individual unit lengths up to 2500 mm
  • Service-friendly due to filterless micro-intake grille
  • Easy to assemble
  • Aerodynamically optimised air outlet fins
  • Different heating media possible

Contact TEKADOOR. Our experienced staff will please find a suitable solution for every application.