More climate friendliness at the airport through the use of air curtains

What is actually meant by more climate-friendly airport buildings?

Wherever warm and cold air masses meet, we speak of two differently conditioned climatic conditions. This usually concerns the opening or entrance areas of a building. There, the warm air is lost in the upper door area, while cold air enters in the lower door area. A sensibly designed door air curtain system can prevent this exchange as far as possible and thus ensure a comfortable climate in the airport.

“We contribute to making the passengers and employees of an airport feel comfortable”,
Markus Gohres, Sales and Procurement.

By climate friendliness we mean the climate in the airport building: the climate at different points in the airport building (entrances to terminals or logistics buildings).

Tekadoor offers the optimal solution to help make air travellers and ground staff feel comfortable in the airport. The sickness rate of airport staff is significantly reduced by professional curtaining.

Luftschleier im Flughafen

Less draught in winter, improved air conditioning in summer.

To achieve an optimal climate, the use of an air curtain can reduce draughts to a minimum in the autumn and winter months and maintain a maximum of warm air. In the summer months, however, the airport building’s complex air-conditioning system remains in place. In this way, the air conditioning is supported in an energy-efficient manner all year round.

The following locations in the airport building are conducive to draughts:

  • Civil entrance areas of the airport building
  • Transition areas from the airport to the aircraft
  • Door and transition areas between airport terminals
  • Gate and delivery areas of the logistics building at the airport

Advantages of an optimal climate in the airport building:

  • Significantly reduced draughts
  • Comfortable temperature for travellers and airport staff in the building
  • Clean air: Unpleasant emissions from road traffic are reduced
  • Cold air masses are shielded – energy losses considerably reduced
  • Reduction of sick leave among ground staff

Air curtain solution for the airport building

Tekadoor offers individualised equipment solutions in such cases, the aim of which is to maintain the desired air conditioning of the airport.

Luftschleier für Türbereiche im Flughafengebäude

For this purpose, standing or hanging air curtain units are suitable, depending on how large the door area is. Tekadoor offers both ready-made and customised solutions that fit into the overall picture.

Ready-made solutions: CONTUR , COLUM EC, Wing G

We are happy to advise you

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